I’m joining P.S. Literary!

I’m so excited to finally share that I’m joining P.S. Literary Agency! I’ve always seen PSLA as an agency that launches incredible careers while also having a warm, supportive voice and presence within the industry—which is something I can’t wait to be part of.

This is a big move for me—I’d been at Martin Literary since I was a shy 19-year-old intern and really feel like I grew up there. I’m so thankful for my time at MLM—especially for the mentorship I received and the brilliant friends I made. I learned the art of tenacity at Martin Literary, and for that I am forever grateful. I can’t wait to see what happens next. 🙂

I’m open to submissions for picture books, middle grade novels, adult fiction, and graphic novels. You can read my submission guidelines here: https://www.psliterary.com/submissions/

I look forward to making more magic at P.S. Literary!

4 thoughts on “I’m joining P.S. Literary!

  1. Congratulations on your new position! I had a clarifying question before querying you.

    Several months ago, I queried another agent at PSLA and never heard back. According to PSLA policy, if we don’t hear back within a certain time frame, it’s a no-response-means-no from the whole agency. That said, I think my book fits your MSWL and I was ready to query you until I realized the agency policy. Since you weren’t on the PSLA team when I originally queried there, is it okay to query you, or does the blanket no-response-means-no policy still apply retroactively?

    Thank you so much for your help!


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